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      Abiding by limit in both high-end technology and investment funds,in a world overview,seldom can there be a producer of both cationic PAM and its main raw material—DAC.But from 2012,CJCC broke up this industrial ceiling and advanced rapidly on an unique development“Sky road”which most of other chemical producers hardly match on,and this has made CJCC shoulder to shoulder with the leading giants in world chemical industry.

      With the great support of DAC production,CJCC has made a supply capability of 100%self-made acrylamide monomer and cationic monomer.This is not only reach the demand of raw materials for PAM’s production for CJCC itself,but also greatly change the situation in old days that other domestic PAM producers could only relied on DAC import.


      The chemical reaction,the core catalyst selection and the process control,are an cruial manifestation of the core competitiveness to a Polyacrylamide industry.There is a big difference in the quality of products with the different technologies.Know that the formula with the other core technology decides the performance of Polyacrylamide and CJCC has been preceding the ongoing research of new products and their applications from beginning to end.The high investment comes to the most obvious sign that CJCC masters the top level of the DAC technology in the domestic chemical industry.CJCC produces Anionic Polyacrylamide by the methods of homopolymer/copolymer in the same production line.The collinear production technology is created by our independent research and development through the laboratory and is brought into practice.With the continuous investment and development,CJCC quickly realizes the scale effectiveness which most of companies is always seeking for in the fine chemical industry.


      The Polyacrylamide functionality,the specific and the product formulations,the technical services are around the size and depth of the market development.As the major industry leader,CJCC targetes for a specific customer and developes a series of products to ensure that the customer can maximize the economic and social effects.With the completion of the new plant in 2012,CJCC produces Acrylamide with 40,000 tons per year,Cationic Polyacrylamide reaching 20,000 tons and Anionic Polyacrylamide jumping to 40,000 tons annually,the DAC capacity arriving 30,000 tons/year.With the take-off of the production scale,CJCC greatly enhance its capacity in the application research and the development of product varieties as a large enterprise,by the capability of which it improves CJCC to get the prompt access to the world and meet the requirement of various industries.


      CJCC advantages in the field of Polyacrylamide production is the best symbol in a unique operational advantages.The main raw material of producing polyacrylamide is the Acrylonitrile(AN)mainly imported through the port of Lianyungang in the East China to compensate for the huge consumption in the domestic market.And CJCC is a sole manufacturer is near from Lianyungang Port which is designated as the dangerous chemicals port.The convenient transportation advantage effectively decreases the cost of production.CJCC invents the techniques of homopolymer and copolymer by the collinear Production,which has the advantage of flexibility in adjusting production in accordance with the market fluctuations of raw materials.Not only it also can effectively control costs and enhances their profitability,but also it protects against the market volatility for the applied enterprises.CJCC implements the management of standardized model,by which it can ensure the harmonious coexistence between the effective cost and product quality with the management mode,the material inventory management and the on-site scheduling etc.

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