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      ●Market Demands

      Polyacrylamide is mainly applied for seven aspects in paper industry:

      1.Enhance the retention of added substance and dyestuff to decrease the loss of raw material and the pollution to environment.

      2.Improve the dry-strength and wet-strength of paper.

      3.As dispersant of macrofiber paper making.

      4.Raise up the Stability of Pulp.

      5.As adhesive of Paper Coated Dyestuff.

      6.As decorative adhesive of Paper.

      7.Used for wastewater treatment from the paper industry.

      ●Recommended Products

      1.Cationic Polyacryalmide:C6065、C6165、C6260、C6360、C6460

      2.Anionic Polyacryalmide:FA6519、FA4517

      Our Cationic Polyacrylamide series cover the different degree of ion and the different molecular weight,the users can choose the best product in accordance with the actual application of the different process conditions.The company can also produce the production according to the specific requirement.

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