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      The amide group of the Polyacrylamide with many substances affinity adsorption,formation of hydrogen bonds forms bridging between the adsorbed ions in generating floc and acceleration fallout.As compared with the conventional inorganic flocculant:it is with high performance and it can adapt to a variety of conditions,but the dose is small,efficiency is high,less generated sludge is made,post-processing is easy.

      ●Municipal Wastewater

      In the first stage of processing urban sewage,usually the first addition of inorganic coagulant aids in the procedure of the pretreatment of sewage,then Anionic Polyacrylamide is added to enhance flocculation efficiency,to reduce small particles in water bodies.In the activated sludge treatment and the digestion and sludge treatment,in usual,the better choice of medium or high charge of Cationic Product displays the better performance accordingly.

      Recommended products:A6517、A6519、C6360、C6460、C6560 and so on.

      ●Industrial Wastewater

      Due to the different production processes used by different companies in the various industries,the more industrial sewage industry can cause the different nature of industrial sewage.Under the normal circumstances,with the high organic-containing or acid sewage in the water,the optional specially focuses on Cationic,Non-ionic polyacrylamide,if containing large amounts of suspended solids or alkaline effluent,it is required to select Anionic,Nonionic polyacrylamide.

      Recommended products:C6065,C6160,C6165,N682,N632,and A3515,A6517,A6519,GA6517,GA6519.

      ●Raw Water Treatment

      Raw water contains the large amounts of suspended solids.Therefore,it is usually pretreated by using an inorganic flocculant,and then add polyacrylamide for flocculating with the rare monomer residual

      Recommended products:A6517,A6519,GA6517,GA6519.

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