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    N,NDimethylaminoethyl Acrylate
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      ●CAS NO:2439-35-2


      DA is a water-soluble,monofunctional acrylate monomer with a polar tertiary amine functional group.


      It can be quaternized with methyl chloride or benzyl chloride for use in the manufacture of cationic water soluble polymers/flocculants for the water treatment industry.It is used as an adhesion promoter in UV/EB-cured coatings onto substrates such as metal,paper,wood or plastics.And it is employed in textiles for dye fixing.

      Other applications:cure accelerator in UV/EB-cured coatings;leather finishing;oil additives;catalyst for epoxy moulding and extrusion resins;silane coupling agents;wet and dry strength agents,and conductive paper coatings.


      DA is a monomer with the characteristic high reactivity of acrylates.Its polar tertiary amine functionality makes it suitable for further functionalization and gives its copolymers solubility or compatibility in aqueous systems.The amine group in DA enhances adhesion on non-porous surfaces such as metal,plastic and glass.It can be used to impart the following properties to polymers.




      Inhibitor:MEHQ ppm 700~1500

      Density:25°C 0.943 g/ml

      Viscosity:cP at 25°C 7.5

      Molecular weight:143.19

      ●Product Form&Packaging

      DA is a clear,colorless liquid,free from suspended matter.Packed in 1088 kgs semi bulk container and 20 Tonnes ISO tanks in bulk.

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