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      ●CAS NO:44992-01-0


      DAC is a highly water-soluble acrylate monomer offering high cationic charge and excellent flocculation and coagulation properties.


      DAC is homo-or co-polymerized with other monomers to make water soluble flocculants and coagulant polymers used for industrial process water treatment and paper making.

      Other applications:acid dying of fibers,retention aids for paper,electro-conductive paper coatings,ion exchange resins,adhesives,antistatic finishes for polyester fibers,and mineral recovery.


      DAC is a highly water soluble cationic acrylate monomer.The homo-and co-polymers of DAC have excellent coagulation and flocculation properties.It is compatible and can be co-polymerized with other monomers including acrylamide,acylonitrile,styrene,vinyl acetate,methyl acrylate and methyl methacrylate etc.





      Inhibitor:MEHQ ppm 500~800

      Molecular weight:193

      ●Product Form&Packaging

      DAC is a clear,colorless liquid,free from suspended matter.Packed in 1088 kgs semi bulk container and 20 Tonnes ISO tanks in bulk.

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